Gennie was recommended to me by a friend when I was struggling to get pregnant. I was originally very sceptical about Acupuncture in general but decided to give it a go “just the once”. After the first session I felt totally relaxed with Gennie and began to quickly look forward to my weekly visits. Gennie was so calm and confident and always seemed to understand how I was feeling.
I began to notice differences in how I felt very quickly and before long I was pregnant. I couldn’t wait to tell Gennie I was pregnant with not one, but two babies! The twins are now one year old.
Thanks so much for everything Gennie!

NW, Pharmacist


After 18 months of chronic back pain and many €€ spent on physios, I thought I would give acupuncture a try. I went to Gennie and she honed in on the problem immediately identifying where the problem was originating from and set about a course of 1 session a week for 6 weeks. 6 months later I am still pain free. I can highly recommend Gennie for her professionalism, her deep knowledge of the human anatomy and value for money.

AW, Director


Early January after a couple of months of trying for a baby, I conceived. I miscarried several weeks later and was pretty gutted and stressed about it. I began trying again shortly after and after several months began to stress and worry that it wouldn’t happen. A friend who was already pregnant recommended acupuncture with a lady she was going to, Gennie. After a couple of sessions I became pregnant again. However the stress of worrying about miscarrying weighed heavily on the pregnancy. Gennie worked on this with me using points to keep my spirits up and remove any anxiety. She also worked on ‘holding’ the embryo in place while increasing the blood flow to that area during the first couple of weeks. Talking with Gennie who constantly encouraged me to stop worrying and focus on the positive aswell as knowing that the actual acupuncture points were helping really turned the pregnancy into a wonderful experience. I continued with the acupuncture weekly during the first trimester and whether luck!, or acupuncture, I had none of the dreaded morning sickness or fatigue. Early this year I delivered a healthy baby boy.

Sometimes the feeling of escaping to someone who is sympathetic, encouraging and supportive can be worth its weight in gold and that is how I felt going to Gennie.

NC, Laboratory Analyst


I was having fertility issues when Gennie was recommended to me. I was very skeptical about acupuncture but wanted to give anything a go as I was desperate after trying to conceive for 1 1/2 years.

Gennie really put me at ease in my first session explaining how acupuncture worked and surprisingly was able to tell many medical complaints I had just by looking at my tongue.

After one cycle I was delighted to let Gennie know that we had conceived finally. I attended Gennie throughout my pregnancy which I believe contributed to my high energy levels and perfect pregnancy.

On a personal level, Gennie is someone you can trust and share your personal issues with. She is extremely approachable and sympathetic to your needs. I have recommended Gennie to several of my friends and family, all of whom have had a very favourable experience.

CAL, Project Manager

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